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Moving across town is difficult enough, but when you are faced with a move that takes you out of the city to another state you can become quickly overwhelmed. Long distance movers in Boston can help take the stress out of your move with some key things to ensure an effective, efficient move including:

  • Switch Utilities
    • It is critical you look into your new service providers, including electric, gas, phone, water and sewage before you do anything else. Many will need 1-3 weeks in order to get your new services put into your name.
  • Switch Phone Service
    • Call 3 weeks in advance of moving to give the provider enough time to run lines to your new home if applicable. Also, you will want to give the phone company an exact date in which you want the service put in your name.
  • Switch Cable/Dish/Internet providers
    • Most cable and satellite providers require the homeowner to be at the residence the day of the installation. This is done to ensure the service you have purchased is working well and has outlets where you want them to be.
  • Hire A Long Distance Moving Company
    • You never know how busy the company is going to be so the more advanced notice you can give the better the chances you have for securing your spot.
  • Pack Valuables In Advance
    • Make sure to keep them with you and put them in a secure place
  • Mail Forwarding
    • The easiest way to do this is to fill out the change of address form online with USPS

Taking a few of these tips and instituting them as a part of your moving plan will help your move go more smoothly and efficiently.

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