Bringing first-class personal moving service to the State of Florida and the nation as a whole over the past several years, Miami-headquartered Ocean Moving and Storage is widely-known in these regions as the leading full-service moving company. At all levels of company management and staff, we understand the importance of moving either a family or a business. Our ownership and management has over 10 years of experience in the moving industry and is prepared to assist every customer with their unique moving requirements. We rank far above other moving companies. Whether it’s performing a major move to a new home or storing important possessions for safe-keeping, Ocean Moving and Storage will work with you to get the job done even if you are looking for a long distance moving company.

Having a background as a professional athlete, Ocean’s owner understands the importance of teamwork and leadership that is prevalent as a member of a sports team, but resonates in every moving project Ocean performs. Furthermore, his professional sports career gave him the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and learn to cooperate and understand people despite language barriers and cultural boundaries. No matter what your moving requirements, Ocean is committed to recognizing what you need and ensuring that each detail is part of an overall strategy that will create the ultimate protection and convenience for each moving experience. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced movers are available at any point of the moving experience to answer questions that are important to performing a successful move.

When contemplating your next move, get Ocean Moving and Storage involved and let our moving experts show you that your transition is as comfortable and smooth as amid-summer night’s breeze.