dreamstime_xxl_34164463One of the most frustrating aspects of moving is also one of the most essential – packing. When it comes to gathering up your belongings to be relocated to your new home, it is important to pack each item properly. Use the instructions below when packing the items in your bedroom to ensure a more efficient and pleasant packing experience.

How To Pack Your Bedroom Items

Bedding & Pillows

Sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows can all be packed simply in plastic garbage bags. Ensure the bags are sealed completely, and you can even place these bags into sealed boxes for extra protection. Use clear garbage bags if you have more than one bedroom being moved in order to easily figure out which bag needs to go where.


Your valuable jewelry should be secured and packed within a small, carry-size box. Many people opt to carry this box with them during the move to keep these valuables out of the moving truck.


Wardrobe boxes can be used for clothing that you would prefer remained unwrinkled, but most clothing can be folded and packed into medium to large boxes. You can also roll clothing to save space. Seal these boxes and cover them with sealed trash bags for extra protection.


Books are heavy, so you’ll need small boxes that are well-constructed to move them. Boxes used to hold liquor are often perfect, and many liquor stores will give you boxes for free. Pack your books into these boxes with the spines facing up, and mark each box with a shelf number to make unpacking a breeze.

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