A successful move stems from successful planning. Whether you choose to pack your own belongings or add in packing to your moving services with Ocean Moving in Atlanta, these moving tips are handy and will alleviate a lot of stress that tends to come with moving homes.

Snap A Photo

In today’s technological age, nearly every person has a handful of electronics that must be moved. Snap a photo of your setup before you unplug everything, take apart the cords and keep them in a baggie and label accordingly for the device, and move everything together as a unit. This makes for speedy re-installation at your new home!

Use Small Boxes For Books

So books aren’t the technology we think of for the 21st century, but they are tools for learning which is what technology is about! Books can get very heavy, so packing them in small boxes forces you to pack lightly. If you try and pack too many books into a large box, the chances are greater for the box breaking.

Pack In Original Boxes

Did you keep the box in which your TV was originally packed? The proper fitting box and custom packing styrofoam make for a very safe travel for electronics. This may not always be an option, especially if you’ve lived in the same home for many years and have cycled through different technology pieces. But if you have these boxes for your expensive, fragile electronics, you’re more likely to have a safe move without the worry. Don’t fret if you are one to recycle boxes as soon as you have the electronic because Ocean Moving & Storage promises to take special care of all belongings during the move.

You can count on our moving services in Atlanta to take care of all of your goods!