Let’s face it; it isn’t easy to move to a new state. There’s thinking about leaving behind everything from your old town while simultaneously dreaming about all that awaits you upon arrival to your new home sweet home. Keep your head up, champ. The moving services of Boston’s premier moving company Ocean Moving and Storage are here to take you through a few key tips that will make for a smooth transition.

From finding new jobs to switching schools, the entire family has plenty to do. That’s why you can count on Ocean’s professional movers to take you from Boston to your new home, no matter where in the United States it may be. Let our professional packers collect your belongings and transport them while you focus on other important duties.

Don’t forget about these simple life amenities that you’ll want to make sure are ready at your new home.

Place A Forwarding Address

As soon as you know where you’re moving and the moving date is out one month, contact your local U.S. Postal Service to submit an address change form. Applying online costs $1.05 for processing. If you fill this out online, use your current mailing address so the USPS can verify the address. You can delegate when you would like the forwarding to start, so there’s no need to put this task off until the end. Don’t forget about utility companies, credit cards, investment companies, and other businesses that require your current information.

Clean Your New Home

Let us know to drop off your belongings an hour or so following your arrival to your new home. That’ll give you the chance to dust, vacuum, and clean the toilets before beginning the chaos of unpacking. Cleaning is always easier without boxes and furniture in the way.

Switch Schools

If you have children, ensure that all school and medical records are transferred from the old town to the new town prior to starting. Like forwarding your address, it’s best to start this as soon as possible. Teachers and school administration are very busy working with hundreds of young minds, so give your child the proper beginning at a new school by making sure the teacher is prepared.

These are just a few things to make sure you check off the “To Do” list before you move. As you can see, it can be quite extensive. Don’t forget you can count on the moving services of Boston’s local moving company, Ocean Moving and Storage, for packing, moving, and storage.