Moving from one home to another is a stressful process, but moving your business can be simply overwhelming. Packing up your current business location, be it an office suite or an entire building, is not the same as packing up your kitchen at home. Your office move needs to go quickly and smoothly to ensure a minimal impact on your business. See below for some tips on how to properly pack up your office equipment, cabinets, and other furniture and items.  


Encourage employees to pack their desks with the essentials in mind. Moving is the perfect chance for everyone to completely clean out their desks in order to identify what is necessary to keep, what can be thrown out, and what should be donated. Communicate with your employees so they know how much space they will have at the new location.


Bookcases must be completely cleared before moving. Pack books and other items into separate boxes, and be sure to take out any removable shelving. Store the height adjustment pegs in a safe place so you do not lose them, and label each shelf so you know exactly how to reconstruct your bookcase when you are in your new space.

Filing Cabinets

Typical vertical filing cabinets can often be moved without removing their contents. If you choose to move them full, be sure that all locking mechanisms are working properly; you might also secure the locking button with tape to make sure your cabinet doesn’t open in transit. If you choose to sort and pack your filing cabinets, choose properly-sized file boxes to prevent shuffling.

Ensure that your office move goes as smoothly as possible with help from professional movers. At Ocean Moving and Storage, we provide trusted and experienced business moving services. We can pack, store, and move your office furniture, equipment, and other items, so you can focus on getting your business up and running at your new location.