If you want a damage-free move, your best option will always be to higher trained, professional packers from a trustworthy moving company like Ocean Moving and Storage. If you are to hire professionals, you are practically guaranteed more experienced, prepared, organized, motivated and dedicated packing services than you would otherwise get on your own. However, that is not to say that you can’t be successful in packing your belongings on your own!

Take a few tips from the pro’s and make your packing experience a successful one!

  • Pack your non-valuables FIRST.
    • Packing up your non-valuables first will get you into the packing groove so that once you do pack up your valuables, you have a system going that will make the process much smoother and lower your chance of damaging your items or placing the boxes with your valuables on the bottom of the stack.
  • Pack your heavy items in smaller boxes.
    • Packing your heavier items in smaller boxes makes it easier to not over pack the box to the point where it cannot hold the total weight of your items. Heavy things should also be packed alone or with very few other items to ensure that none of your boxes exceed your personal lifting limits.
  • Purchase Proper Boxes.
    • Don’t just use old boxes you have lying around, or that you found outside a building. Purchasing proper packing boxes will not only keep your items safe from damage, it will also help to ensure that the weight of your items are never too much for the box to withstand.
  • DO NOT Pack Hazardous or Dangerous Materials.
    • Items like paint thinner, solvent, varnishes, firearms, and/or ammunition should all be moved on their own. Packing these items possess potential fire hazards and danger that could otherwise be avoided.

Don’t let packing get you in over your head. If you need help call a professional. The professionals here at Ocean Moving and Storage are always available to help. Give us a call today.