If you are looking to move and want to have a lot of options, the best time to move for most Americans is between May and September. The spring and summer months are lucrative because recent college graduates are moving out of their apartments near campus and younger kids are out of school on summer break making moving easier on families. Depending on  where you live, the weather is also more accommodating and more pleasant for Boston moving services to help you relocate. All of these factors result in an exploding rental market with more turnover during this time of the year as compared to other months. Unfortunately, there are some downsides of moving during this time:

  • Saving Money
    • If you are trying to save money, Winter is a much better time to house hunt since it is a slower time and landlords are more likely to negotiate rental prices rather than have an empty property.
  • Move In Date Isn’t Flexible
    • If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room with your move in date you will most likely end up paying whatever you need to for a great apartment because they go as quickly as you can view them.

Moving can be extremely stressful but with the proper knowledge and research you can find your dream rental property at the right price. The market is saturated with over priced rentals all across the United States so make sure to avoid getting stuck in a property that isn’t right for you and your family.