We can take a few notes about the tiny house way of life when we talk about moving and storage in Atlanta. The tiny house movement is sweeping across the nation and the world. People are selling standard homes and moving into what is known as a tiny house, a home that lacks much space for excessive stuff. Many people that choose to move (albeit not always into a tiny house) select to place some possessions into storage until the new home is ready or the owner has time to properly sell the unnecessary belongings. The process of choosing between what to move and what to store can be stressful, so before you pack the wrong things into your storage unit in Atlanta, consider these thoughts.

What are the necessities?

Necessities are items that you use each and every day. Bedroom and living room furniture, kitchen supplies, clothing, and bathroom toiletries should get you through each day. Unless you are moving into a tiny house, you’ll probably have room for a few more luxury items. Keep reading to ensure you have what’s right for you!

Who’s moving with you?

Are you moving alone? Do you have a family? Are you going to live with a roommate? Each person that is moving can select the most important possessions to take along. However, you don’t need to move things for people that aren’t going to live with you; for instance, it may not be necessary to move the off-holiday decorations or extra set of furniture for the basement. Keep it minimal by only moving the things that you, your family, or your roommates use every day. Put everything else into storage.

What are your hobbies?

Do you love to cook? Make sure you pack the kitchen essentials. Are you an outdoor fanatic? Pack your favorite sports equipment or outdoor gear. Again, pack the things you know you’ll want and use frequently. Host a garage sale for the equipment of hopeful hobbies that ended up dying or place these items into storage.