Most facilities are operated by reputable businesses but unfortunately there are always a few bad apples out there.Consumers are advised to research carefully before signing on the dotted line. Atlanta storage units recommends the following tips when selecting a storage facility:

  • Cost
    • Be sure to obtain written cost estimates from at least 3 facilities. Most will request access to inspect your items before offering an estimate. If a facility gives you a phone estimate, look somewhere else.
  • Size
    • What size units are actually available and is there a weight limit for your belongings
  • Climate
    • Will your belongings be subjected to mold or water? Is the unit climate controlled?
  • Insurance
    • Make sure your items are insured from theft, fire or other damage. The facility may provide basic insurance or you can choose to purchase insurance from an alternate source.
  • Safety
    • Does the facility have surveillance cameras on the property? Is there a system in place to restrict access by strangers?
  • Contract
    • Get everything in writing including the size and location of the unit, options that you have selected, termination regulations, insurance coverage and payment terms.
  • Access
    • What are the hours and related charges for accessing your unit? Is there enough parking and is the distance from parking to the rental unit and acceptable distance?

As with most things in life, doing due diligence when choosing businesses that fit your exact needs is the best way to avoid a disappointing scenario. You can never be to sure when it comes to protecting your belongings.