Self-storage is a great option to store extra items that you no longer have room for in your home or business, but you cannot sell, donate, or throw away. These items are important to you, so you need to choose the right Atlanta storage facility that will fit your needs. When searching for a storage unit, there are three factors that most people look for in a facility: a good location, great security and a manageable cost. You should choose a facility that is close to your home or business so you are able to easily access your items. You also want to feel comfortable knowing your belongings are safe and that you are safe when you need to go to your unit.

Cost and location are important, but security should be your highest priority. A clean, well-lit and well-maintained facility will show you that the management cares about the property and your personal safety. Ocean Moving and Storage has an on-site management team for added security. Storage unit tenants can access their belongings 24 hours a day/7 days a week. It is important to feel that your personal or business items are safe and secure while in storage. Another way to make sure that they stay safe is to limit the amount of people with access to your storage unit. Give an extra key to the facility management just in case an emergency arises and only give access to one to two people.

We take security very seriously. Stop by and let us show you the ways we work hard to keep your personal belongings safe.