Downsizing is one of the most popular reasons people move. Have your children grown and your nest is now empty? Are you making a lifestyle change and purging the big house? Boston has many beautiful, quaint homes, condos, and apartments that make great new residences. The catch is the dilemma of what to do with all that stuff that just won’t fit into a smaller home. If you don’t want to give it up at a garage sale or share it with friends and family, we recommend using Ocean Moving and Storage in Boston.

Storage units are a great resource for families who want to downsize. Ocean’s storage units are safe and securely monitored 24/7. We always have security on the premises, watching over your belongings. You have full access to the storage unit. This isn’t one of those storage units that only allow access when removing the goods. Alongside the security, all storage units are climate-controlled to protect your temperature sensitive goods.

Finally, a family that recently downsized can really benefit from storage of seasonal items. What was once held in a large garage or shed can be kept in a storage unit during the off season. It is a great place to keep items that you only use occasionally. It’s very difficult to grill during the winter, so keep your grill in storage during winter.

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