If you have more possessions than places to keep them, keeping your things in a secure Boston storage unit is a convenient solution. However, it is important to make sure that you belongings will be not just secure but easily accessible. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the right kind of storage for you:

Facility Hours

The majority of self-storage properties have set hours where tenants can enter the property and access their unit. The property’s security system will prevent you from entering the property other than during these hours. In some cases, you can rent a storage until with 24 hour access for an increased fee.

Lock & Security Systems

Although no security system is always 100% reliable, there are security features that the facility should have to make sure both you and your stored items are as safe as possible.

  • Choose a property that is completely fenced in and well lit.
  • Almost all storage facilities have a keypad entry system at the main gate with a unique access code.
  • There should be at least one video camera at the main gate that backs up the keypad entry system to create a history of all individuals who entered and exited the property.

Manager On Duty

If you are storing your belongings in a major city such as Boston, ask the manager if the property will have someone on-site whenever you have access to your storage.

Manager On Site

Some storage facilities are managed by a staff member who also lives on site.

The peace of mind that comes from secured storage is an important benefit for both individuals and business owners, but be sure to take the extra step to investigate the security options available at the unit you are choosing.