When Frank and Barb purchased their home, they chose it for many reasons. The four bedrooms allowed each of their children to have their own spaces, the large corner lot provided a massive lawn for their children and their dogs to play, and the two living rooms allowed for their children to have their own separate television space. Decades later, Frank and Barb’s children have moved out, the couple has no pets, and the only person Frank has to fight with for the television remote is with his wife. With retirement just around the corner, neither Frank nor Barb wants to spend their retirements maintaining such a massive home and lawn; rather than spend their time cleaning bathrooms that are only used once or twice a year and trying to keep their unused yard healthy, they decide to downsize.

If your retirement is approaching, then you’re likely considering downsizing just like Frank and Barb did. No one wants to retire to an over-sized, high-maintenance home, and downsizing might just save you a lot of money. If you’ve decided to downsize, then you’ve probably already run into one of the most common dilemmas–where exactly do you put all of your stuff? If your new place just doesn’t have the room for your belongings, store the nonessentials with Ocean Moving and Storage.

Our storage facilities boast climate control, regular inspection, and around-the-clock security to ensure safe and reliable storage. Your belongings will be securely looked after for as long as they are stored with us, so you can enjoy your retirement without any extra stress. Contact us to learn more about our storage facilities.