As part of our effort to keep our customers informed of the whereabouts of their belongings and keep them abreast of the delivery process, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding delivery:

Where did my belongings go after they were picked up?
Most shipments for long distance moves are brought to one of our secured warehouses, closest to the pick-up location. It will be stored until one of our trailers return for a load.

When will my shipment be delivered?
All estimates include an estimated delivery window which was agreed upon at the time of reservation. It is based on the distance of your move and calculated from the date you provided as your earliest date, subject to any pending items such as incomplete documentation, delivery address or payment. All deliveries are coordinated by our location dispatch manager. Their goal is to have your goods delivered as quickly as possible, on or soon after the date you provided as your first available delivery date. However, as stated on your estimate, please allow up to 21 business days for delivery. If there are any delivery restrictions, such as no weekend delivery or no delivery between certain dates, etc. your delivery window may be extended.

Standard Estimated delivery window (business days – not including weekends and holidays):

  • 0-500 miles up to 5 business days from customer’s first available delivery date.
  • 501-1000 miles: up to 14 business days from customer’s first available delivery date.
  • 1001-2000 miles: up to 16 business days from customer’s first available delivery date.
  • 2001-3000 miles: up to 21 business days from customer’s first available delivery date.

Why was I told delivery timeframe may be shorter?
Most deliveries take less time than the maximum delivery window above. However, delivery time frame is subject to several factors such as, but not limited to:

  • Location of delivery trailer on the day of your pick-up.
  • Number of deliveries in line prior to yours and size/weight of other shipments
  • Geographical features of your delivery location.

Are delivery dates guaranteed?
No, delivery dates are never guaranteed, unless an Exclusive Truck service was purchased. We will deliver your goods with reasonable dispatch and within a reasonable time.

Why can’t you provide a date in advance when my goods will leave the warehouse?
Our location dispatcher works on schedules daily and keeps in contact with drivers regularly. However, the estimated availability and arrival date of our trailers and network of carriers change daily as situations occur unexpectedly. All trailers are constantly carrying loads to deliver and picking up new loads while en-route. Most delays occur when a trailer stops at a delivery location. Situations also often occur whereby trailers are rerouted and arrives our warehouse sooner than initially anticipated.

What are some examples of unexpected delays?

  • Extended time spent dropping off a shipment – such as no trailer access to building and requiring shuttle service.
  • Customer/Shipper not present or unreachable for delivery – requiring shipment to be re-routed.
  • Building hour restrictions
  • Mechanical issues
  • Weather/traffic

If I received notification that my shipment is in transit, when will the trailer arrive?
Time in transit may take up to 10 days or more, depending on the distance of your move and number of deliveries prior to yours. Our drivers must act in the best interest of the public. He must drive safe, obey the speed limit, follow the HOS (Hours of Service) and follow local laws while making every reasonable effort to delivery your goods as soon as possible.

Why can’t I have an actual delivery date once the trailer is on its way?
There are several delivery variables that impact the time in transit on a daily basis and therefore, its ETA changes daily. Any delivery dates provided are merely estimates and subject to change. You will only receive a more accurate status as the trailer is closer to you and after most or all of the deliveries prior to yours have been completed.

If my shipment is on its way, when will I be notified a delivery time so I can make arrangements to be present?
The driver will contact you 1-2 days prior to arrival, usually after most or all deliveries prior to yours have been completed.

What if I am not available to be present at delivery?
You are required to accept delivery from the date you provided as you earliest delivery date. Shipments must be dropped off when the trailer arrives. If you cannot be present, please designate a family member, friend, colleague, or building manager to receive your shipment on your behalf. Please contact our office to request a Power of Attorney form to be filled out.