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As you already know, the estimated time in transit is approximately 1 – 10 days from the time the interstate tractor-trailer leaves our warehouse, depending on the distance of your move.  You have been given an estimated time of delivery on your Estimate/Order for service agreement.

Delivery Variables

While we do our best to deliver your items in as timely a fashion as possible, there are things that happen that are out of our control that may impact the arrival date:

  • weather conditions
  • road conditions
  • mechanical issues
  • acts of God
  • your geographic location
  • deliveries prior to yours (most delays occur at delivery stops)
  • other unknown factors

Due to these variables, your delivery’s ETA will be subject to change on a daily basis.  Therefore, we are unable to provide you an exact arrival date until the trailer has made the last delivery prior to yours or until it is 1-2 days away from your address.

Shipment Tracking

Since we’re not FedEx, UPS or the USPS, we are not able to provide you with up to the minute, GPS tracking of your shipment (imagine what you’d pay one of those companies to move your items!). However, once your shipment has been in transit 48 hours, you may submit an inquiry for the whereabouts of your shipment. Due to the variables mentioned above, the information you receive will be an estimate and subject to change.  Therefore, you will only receive a more accurate status as the trailer is closer to you and after most or all deliveries prior to yours have been performed.

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