Long Distance Moving Away From Or To Atlanta

When relocating and hiring long distance movers in Atlanta to take you across the country to another state, there are five things you shouldn’t do. Some of them might seem obvious but something as simple as having a pen and paper ready to check off items as they are being unloaded from the truck will save you a lot of time in the long run.

  • Don’t hire a company that only takes cash
    • Be sure to ask upfront how you can pay for the moving fees. This will avoid companies that only take cash and take your stuff without returning it. Moving long distances means your belongings will be out of sight for awhile, so make sure the company is legit.
  • Don’t pay for the move until all your belongings have been unloaded
    • If there are any boxes or items missing, do not sign the paperwork. The move must be completed before you sign. Once you sign that you have received everything, it is near impossible to go back to the company to say something is missing.
  • Don’t sign anything you don’t understand
    • Make sure you read everything thoroughly and ask for clarification. If you see additional fees, ask the mover to explain what each means and how they apply to your move.
  • Don’t pack items of high value and leave them with the mover
    • Important items, such as your passport, accounting record, school records, jewelry or other things should be taken with you to avoid being lost.

Ocean Moving and Storage is the right choice for your long distance move. We are reputable and honest. We treat your belongings like our own and will make sure everything arrives safely at your new home. That is a guarantee we stand behind.