Who can’t use some moving tips when they are packing up their whole life for a new home? If  you are among thousands of people who have picked up and moved their family to a new home or community, you most likely have some fresh memories of the ups and downs, thrills or frustrations of moving. Moving services in Miami knows there are a lot of ways to help make your household move easier and more smooth.

  • Make a list
    • Write everything down, you will thank yourself later. Before packing your first box, create a simple way to keep track of everything. Create a computer printed list of numbers with a space to write the contents.
  • Make Sure You Have Enough Supplies
    • You will need a lot of boxes, probably more boxes than you think and having more than enough will make your life easier. Set 10 boxes aside for last minute items on moving day.
  • Utilize Wardrobe Boxes
    • These tall boxes are great for bulky, lightweight items such as comforters, pillows, and blankets. Call your Miami moving services to ask the width of the wardrobe boxes they will be bringing. Make sure the boxes are not too heavy to lift.
  • Color Coordinate
    • Designate a color for each room in the new home. Apply colored stickers on the box near the box number. In your new home, put a matching sticker on the door to each room. That way the movers will know where to put everything when they arrive at the destination.

Moving may not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but planning ahead will go a long way toward making the process bearable. Let Ocean Moving and Storage handle the rest!