Ocean Moving and Storage is based in Miami, FL, but we are built to, well, move. We specialize in long distance moving across the nation. We know that it can be very stressful to move across the country, so we do our best to make it easy. There are a few things to consider when moving across the country because it’s not as simple as moving across town. You can’t make multiple trips without wasting numerous resources like your time and money. Instead, follow these tips to make your cross-country move stress-free and easy.

Narrow The Location

If you’re still looking for a house, it can be a bit troublesome to pick the right neighborhood or city in a state so far away. Do your research and look into living costs, job opportunities, and the housing market. Don’t forget about Google Earth to inspect a prospective neighborhood to see if you like the look.

Host A Garage Sale

We detailed the greatness of garage sales prior to big moves. The truth is that it’s easier to move fewer things.

Remember To Schedule

If you’ve lived in a city for quite some time, chances are you’ll have many loose ends to tie. Friends need to say goodbye, landlords need to be notified, and boring personal things need to be checked – like going to the eye doctor or dentist. There’s a lot to do, so try and stay organized, maybe try a “To-Do” list.

Forget The Packing

You read that right. You can forget about the stressful, tedious task of actually packing and moving your belongings when you hire Ocean Moving for packing services in Atlanta. We do request a bit of guidance, but for the most part you can leave this labor to us.

The trick is simple: let Ocean Moving take care of your packing services in Atlanta so that you can focus on getting settled in your new home.