1. Four Tips For Packing Your Garage

    Moving is stressful enough with having to figure out how you’re going to pack up all of those obscure items housed in your garage. While it is fairly intuitive to to pack books and knick knacks in sturdy boxes, how exactly do you prepare your grill for a move? What about your lawn mower, weed eater, or other gas-powered lawn care equipment? Keep reading to get some handy tips and tricks for pack…Read More

  2. How To Safely Move Your Firearms

    If you’re a hunter or firearms enthusiast facing a cross-country move, you may be wondering how exactly you’re supposed to move your guns across state lines. With gun laws varying significantly from state to state as well as the obvious safety considerations, moving your firearms incorrectly can have some serious consequences. Consider the following advice regarding moving your firearms to hel…Read More

  3. Avoid These Organizational Mistakes While Downsizing

    In a previous blog post, we shared some tips for making your residential downsize a success, one of which included the purging of nonessential items. Homeowners typically want to keep certain sentimental valuables, but it can be much more difficult for some than others to get rid of anything at all. If you simply can’t get rid of any more belongings but still feel buried in clutter in your new s…Read More

  4. Things To Consider When Moving Across The Country

    Ocean Moving and Storage is based in Miami, FL, but we are built to, well, move. We specialize in long distance moving across the nation. We know that it can be very stressful to move across the country, so we do our best to make it easy. There are a few things to consider when moving across the country because it’s not as simple as moving across town. You can’t make multiple trips without was…Read More

  5. How To Host A Great Pre-Moving Garage Sale Part II

    Welcome to part 2 of the 7 best tips for a pre-moving garage sale. You’re almost ready to hire Ocean movers for professional packing services in Boston. You can find tips 1-3 here. 4. Set the mood by playing some light music and selling lemonade or cookies. Garage sale shopping is fun! Shoppers that are comfortable are likely to stay and browse for longer. Plus, your child can make a few extra b…Read More

  6. How To Host A Great Pre-Moving Garage Sale

    Moving is a lot of work! There’s finding a new house, selling your old house, packing your belongings, and actually moving them into your new home. Now, Ocean Moving is here to tell you that there’s an easier way to approach this whole scenario. Host a garage sale and then hire Ocean movers for packing services in Boston so you don’t have to worry about the tough work. It’ll make the entir…Read More

  7. Why Do People Move? Part 2

    Check in with Part 1 of our “Why Do People Move” blog to get caught up on some great reasons why people move. Further From Family On the contrary to the prior point, sometimes it’s possible to be too close to family. Give yourself some fresh air to really blossom. Retire You finally have the option to pick up your roots and move. No more career means no more location tiedowns. Live out your …Read More

  8. Why Do People Move?

    People are always moving. Whether it’s from one house to another in the same town, from town to town in the same state, or from state to state, people are known to relocate throughout their lives. What are the most common reasons for people to move? Let’s check out the list… Outgrowing The Home Whether it’s a starter home or a home prior to growing children, many families …Read More

  9. Kitchen Packing Tips

    The trick to packing is truly found in practice. Thankfully Ocean Moving and Storage has had a lot of practice through our packing services, offered to you in Miami! We’ve come up with some great tips that will help you pack for your next move. Today’s blog focuses on the kitchen. Enjoy! Put A Buffer Between Your Plates To prevent chipping or breaking during the move, place a paper plate betwe…Read More