1. Avoid These Organizational Mistakes While Downsizing

    In a previous blog post, we shared some tips for making your residential downsize a success, one of which included the purging of nonessential items. Homeowners typically want to keep certain sentimental valuables, but it can be much more difficult for some than others to get rid of anything at all. If you simply can’t get rid of any more belongings but still feel buried in clutter in your new s…Read More

  2. Kitchen Packing Tips

    The trick to packing is truly found in practice. Thankfully Ocean Moving and Storage has had a lot of practice through our packing services, offered to you in Miami! We’ve come up with some great tips that will help you pack for your next move. Today’s blog focuses on the kitchen. Enjoy! Put A Buffer Between Your Plates To prevent chipping or breaking during the move, place a paper plate betwe…Read More

  3. Are Packing Services Right For You?

    When you have a big move in your future, you may want to consider getting a little help from professional packers. Professional packers like the ones we employee at Ocean Moving and Storage, offer professional, organized and responsible packing services for jobs from big to small.  It is always important to weigh the level of time, effort and money it will take you to do the packing yourself, com…Read More