dreamstime_xxl_29896629In a previous blog post, we shared some tips for making your residential downsize a success, one of which included the purging of nonessential items. Homeowners typically want to keep certain sentimental valuables, but it can be much more difficult for some than others to get rid of anything at all. If you simply can’t get rid of any more belongings but still feel buried in clutter in your new space, take a look at some of these common organizational mistakes. Are any of these blunders keeping your new living space unfunctional?  

Three Common Organizational Mistakes

A Messy Entryway

In a small living space such as an apartment, the entryway is not likely to be very big, so a cluttered or messy entryway can easily spill into the rest of your space. Be sure to keep a basket or some other storage method by your front door for shoes to be immediately deposited. Also designate coat hooks, and keep your front closet tidy.

Organizing Products

One of the biggest organizational blunders homeowners make is investing in organizing products without first deciding on a plan for that product. Trying to organize  your belongings into randomly-purchased plastic drawers will not be nearly as effective as making a plan first. With an idea of what the product needs to do and what it will be holding, you’ll be able to purchase what you need, not what you think you might need.

Stashing Instead of Placing

While attempting to clean off surfaces and floors, homeowners often end up stashing their things away rather than actually deciding on where to place them based on what makes sense. We pick up random items and “stash” them on open shelves, in junk drawers, and in disorganized closets. Assign an organizational purpose to every area of your home so that everything has a place and stashing becomes unnecessary.

If your downsize is still in progress, and you’ve become overwhelmed by the amount of belongings you have, contact the packing and moving specialists at Ocean Moving and Storage. Our packing services can help you get organized and ready for your move.