The trick to packing is truly found in practice. Thankfully Ocean Moving and Storage has had a lot of practice through our packing services, offered to you in Miami! We’ve come up with some great tips that will help you pack for your next move. Today’s blog focuses on the kitchen. Enjoy!

Put A Buffer Between Your Plates

To prevent chipping or breaking during the move, place a paper plate between each of your glass plates. This adds a buffer for cushion. Plus, the paper plates are reusable and won’t get your nice plates dirty like using newspaper will do.

1st Day Essentials

The hardest part about making your new house into a home is unpacking. It’s not worth it to dig through all boxes to try and find your snacks, plastic ware, cups, paper towels, trash bags, or cleaning wipes that are very helpful to have right away. Pack a box and label it “1st Day Essentials” and let Ocean Moving know exactly where you want us to put it so you don’t have to think twice!

Protect Your Knives & Fingers

Improperly packing knives can lead to a sneaky surprise when you get a finger sliced reaching into the box to unpack. Instead, pack knives in pot holders. This layer of cushion will protect the blade and your fingers!

BONUS TIP: You may want to create an extra 1st Day Essential box that has the coffee pot, coffee grounds, filters, mugs, and creamer. There’s no use trying to go through an entire day of unpacking without a fresh bout of caffeine! Even if coffee is not your average morning routine, you know what’ll wake you up just right – pack that instead!