Welcome to part 2 of the 7 best tips for a pre-moving garage sale. You’re almost ready to hire Ocean movers for professional packing services in Boston. You can find tips 1-3 here.

4. Set the mood by playing some light music and selling lemonade or cookies. Garage sale shopping is fun! Shoppers that are comfortable are likely to stay and browse for longer. Plus, your child can make a few extra bucks with the snacks – don’t forget the trash can to keep the sale looking tidy!

5. All items should be clearly priced. This does two things for you: gives people the expectation upfront and eliminates the excessive bargaining. Use masking tape for small items because it peels off easily. Price large items with large signs so the buyer isn’t searching every crevice for a small piece of tape.

6. Price items with prices that are easy to calculate and modest. While you don’t want to give stuff away and lose a lot of money, you won’t convince anyone to buy something at full price. Try to price items between one-third and one-half of the original price. It’s your goal to get rid of the extra stuff before you move, so try not to price based on personal attachment.

7. Finally, it’s always great to offer excellent customer service when it comes to making the sale. This can mean wearing a cash apron to make the sale on the spot and always having plenty of change. You’re likely to sell items at $1 or $2 as well as some small toys for less than a buck. Carrying plenty of change ensures you’re prepared for customers that only have a $20 bill. As the end of sale nears, don’t be afraid to offer a sale or clearance with 50% off in order to make the end push to eliminate the extra goods.

Altogether, hosting a garage sale can be very beneficial to your move. This is a great way for you to get rid of that extra box of clothes you haven’t worn in years or toys your child no longer uses to play. Once the sale has finished, call on Ocean Moving and Storage for professional packing services at your home in Boston.