People are always moving. Whether it’s from one house to another in the same town, from town to town in the same state, or from state to state, people are known to relocate throughout their lives. What are the most common reasons for people to move? Let’s check out the list…

Outgrowing The Home

Whether it’s a starter home or a home prior to growing children, many families outgrow early homes and must move to fit everyone comfortably.

Fix A Purchasing Mistake

Did the real estate agent make your home seem better than it actually is? Correct your mistake by moving into your perfect home.

Upgrade A Home

As you grow and save money, you can afford a nicer home. Take advantage and upgrade your home to the home of your dreams.

Career Switch or Job Transfer

Many folks move towns or states because of job opportunities.

Personal Reasons

There are many reasons that can justify this move, but a few are: getting married, getting divorced, change in income, leaving bad memories, or desiring a fresh start.


Different neighborhoods have different socio-economic and physical factors. Finding a neighborhood where you belong is absolutely wonderful.

Empty Nest

Downsizing a home is easy to do when the kids move out! Don’t waste the space; move to a smaller home.

Closer To Family

Are you building a family of your own and desire your other family members to be nearby? Grandparents love seeing their grandchildren frequently.

Stay tuned for our next blog that will continue listing some great reasons that people tend to move. And don’t forget that Ocean Moving and Services offers packing services for all people in Atlanta that are a fan of moving but not a fan of packing.