Check in with Part 1 of our “Why Do People Move” blog to get caught up on some great reasons why people move.

Further From Family

On the contrary to the prior point, sometimes it’s possible to be too close to family. Give yourself some fresh air to really blossom.


You finally have the option to pick up your roots and move. No more career means no more location tiedowns. Live out your dream!

Aid Health

Many cities and states have different medical specialists, and your health issues may dictate the need to be close to these professionals. Similarly, elderly people may struggle to climb the stairs upstairs to the bedroom each night and may move to a ranch style home.

Skip Maintenance

It’s easier to move than to replace the roof, right? If you can accept a lower value for your home, go ahead and let the new owner fix that project.

Desire More Home Projects

Are you an avid DIY-er? Have you fixed up your home as much as possible? Moving to a fixer-upper means more new home projects!

Gain Equity

A home is an investment. If the real estate market is valuing your home to be incredibly high, why not sell it for the profit?

A New Life

A fresh start can mean selling a home to be a professional traveler, or it could mean moving your home from one city to another. Follow your heart and find a home there.

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