Moving is a lot of work! There’s finding a new house, selling your old house, packing your belongings, and actually moving them into your new home. Now, Ocean Moving is here to tell you that there’s an easier way to approach this whole scenario. Host a garage sale and then hire Ocean movers for packing services in Boston so you don’t have to worry about the tough work. It’ll make the entire journey more pleasurable and easy.

Here are seven tips to hosting a great pre-moving garage sale:

  1. Garage sale signs should be simple, legible, and direct. Something like “Garage Sale Today” in black, bold marker gets the attention. Use arrows, include your address, and hours of operation. Keeping away the glitter makes it easier for the passerby to find your sale. Maybe even consider an ad in the local newspaper.
  2. Hire some elves. If your kids are old enough to handle money, they’ll make great garage sale helpers. If not, ask around the neighborhood. Prior to the sale, use your elves to help clean items and check pockets. If your elves are not your own children, you can offer to let them sell some of their own belongings.
  3. Create a buyer friendly layout by making each product visible. Instead of piling books and tools into boxes, place them on shelves or hanging in the garage. (Be sure to cover anything that is not for sale to eliminate confusion). Put the big, awesome items near the curb to entice the buyer to stop.

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