1. Tips For Moving Your Business

    Moving your business can be risky. If not done properly, you can lose very valuable time that can cost more than necessary. But if approached correctly, moving your business can be the best thing you’ve done for your company! Make Some Donations If you plan on purchasing new office furniture or equipment at your new location, consider donating your old stuff. Not only will you decrease what’s …Read More

  2. Are You Moving Your Business?

    Are you outgrowing your current business space? Corporate moves are not simple. Unlike moving your home, you have to worry about many more people, more equipment, and most importantly, moving quickly so as not to disrupt your business practice. We work directly with your business to prevent any significant delay in crucial business matters that propel you and your company forward. Disrupting your …Read More

  3. Tips On How To Meet Your New Neighbors

    Meeting your new neighbors for the first time can be intimidating. Not only do you need to make a good first impression, you need to make a lasting one so that you can count on those neighbors to look out for the well-being of you and your home later on (in the case of robbery, fire, etc.). Cut yourself a break and make meeting your new neighbors a little bit easier by utilizing these simple tips …Read More

  4. Choosing The Right Storage Facility

    Most facilities are operated by reputable businesses but unfortunately there are always a few bad apples out there.Consumers are advised to research carefully before signing on the dotted line. Atlanta storage units recommends the following tips when selecting a storage facility: Cost Be sure to obtain written cost estimates from at least 3 facilities. Most will request access to inspect your item…Read More

  5. The Best Time To Move For Renters

    If you are looking to move and want to have a lot of options, the best time to move for most Americans is between May and September. The spring and summer months are lucrative because recent college graduates are moving out of their apartments near campus and younger kids are out of school on summer break making moving easier on families. Depending on  where you live, the weather is also more acc…Read More

  6. Keep Your Belongings Safe With Miami Storage

    Everyone will need self-storage at some point in their life, whether you are moving, renovating or just need a place to store all your recreational equipment, Miami storage is for everyone. Self storage offers many great benefits: No Long-Term Contract Use the storage space for the time you need it only. You are not tied to any long term rental contract. Easy Pay With Your Debit Card For peace of …Read More

  7. Moving Made Easy With Packing Tips

    If you want a damage-free move, your best option will always be to higher trained, professional packers from a trustworthy moving company like Ocean Moving and Storage. If you are to hire professionals, you are practically guaranteed more experienced, prepared, organized, motivated and dedicated packing services than you would otherwise get on your own. However, that is not to say that you can’t…Read More

  8. Why You Should Let A Professional Moving Company Handle Your Next Move

    So, you think you can move your entire house all by yourself? Ok, your Miami moving services can respect that. But just take a minute to think about what you are missing out on before you cram your car and drive to your old house to your new one five times in a row only to do it all over again the next day. <h2>Time Is Money<h2> That is right, we said it because it is true. What will t…Read More

  9. Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company

    Want your moving experience to go as smoothly as possible? We encourage you to get to know the moving company you are thinking of hiring before signing or committing to anything. The two questions below are sure to help you not only get to know your company, but also ensure that they are trustworthy! How will I be charged? By the hours, flat rate or something different? This should always be the f…Read More

  10. Should I Hire A Moving Company?

    Life can be stressful; when you have kids you often find yourself juggling running around dropping/ picking your kids up, feeding them and yourself, helping them with homework, working full time and somehow finding some time in the middle of it all to shower and take care of yourself. Living alone isn’t any easier though! Between working, studying, cleaning, cooking, bills, and possibly endless …Read More